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The history of Costa Rica republic

Costa Rica History This small Central American country is situated between 8° and 11° N and has a border with Panama on the south and with Nicaragua on the north. Costa Rica (Spanish for "Rich Coast") was inhabited by an estimated 500,000 Indians when Columbus explored it in 1502. The Spanish conquest began in 1527. The region long time developed as the Spanish province. During the 16th century the area found itself with a quickly diminishing workforce. It achieved independence in 1821. Costa Rica became a republic in 1848. Except for the military dictatorship of from 1871 to 1883, Costa Rica has enjoyed one of the democratic governments in South America. In the 1980s, rising oil prices and inflation hurt the economy of Costa Rica. Efforts have since been made to reduce reliance on banana, coffee and export of the beef. Tourism is now a main business in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a reputation as one of the most prosperous, stable and least corrupt South American countries. But, three former Costa Rica presidents were investigated on corruption charges. "Live forever work and peace!" The last rhyme of the national anthem remarks on the tireless and peaceful spirit of the Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an active member of the UN, the Organization of the American States and many international organizations. Having visited in Costa Rica you will feel touched to a history. Visit to Costa Rica best cheap resort!
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